Ney Melo & Jennifer Bratt NYC Tango Workshops at Práctilonga-939 SAT 3/27!

• 3-4:30P - Ladies Technique and Adornos with Jennifer Bratt
• 4:30-6P - Pasos muy Porteños with Jennifer & Ney

Cost: $35 for 1 workshop or $60 for both

World-renowned tango dancers and teachers Ney Melo & Jennifer Bratt started in the New York City and Buenos Aires tango scenes, learning from the old milongueros and dancing every night in the milongas.

In 2007, they relocated to the West Coast and opened their studio "TangoVida San Francisco" in San Francisco, and this year they started launched "TangoVida Miami" in South Beach.

Ney and Jennifer are dedicated to inspiring students to dance tango with feeling, musicality, cadencia, and connection - the way it is danced in Buenos Aires.

In addition to running TangoVida, Ney and Jennifer have been busy touring the world. They regularly teach and perform in Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, Romania, Slovenia, Australia, and New Zealand as well as extensively all over North America.

They are also the invited maestros at the upcoming 2010 Firenze Tango Festival, and the 2010 Capri Tango Festival in Italy.


Watch a sample video:

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