Javier Antar & Kara Wenham Tango Workshops at Práctilonga April 17-18th!

Saturday, April 17:
• 1:30-2:45 - Rhythmic structure and its relation with the movements of tango (All Levels)
• 3:15-4:30 - Changes of dynamic: acceleration/deceleration in circular/linear movement (Int)
• 5:00-6:15 - Kara & Javier's favorite combinations: A medley of our vocabulary. Mix it up, change it around and make it your own.(Adv)

Sunday, April 18:
• 3:15-4:30 - Changes of dynamic in milonga. (All Levels)
• 4:45-6:00 - Precision and elegance in Salon Figures: Master your giros, enrosques, counter-enrosques, planeos and paradas. (Int-Adv)

*Just as a footnote: All Levels class really are for advanced dancers and beginners alike. All will get something beneficial from the class.

Cost: $35/1 workshop, $60/2, $85/3, $100/4, $115/5

Registration: santiagosteele@gmail.com

About Javier & Kara:
Javier Antar is a top-level dancer and instructor from Buenos Aires, having toured the world since 2000. His message and philosophy: conquer your own style. His musicality, grace and elegance make Javier a riveting dancer to watch, his technical knowledge makes his dance fluid and precise.

Javier is known for his generosity as a teacher. While his group lessons require focus and work, he also gives students an important degree of freedom so that students can use what they have learned and add their own new material. Based in Buenos Aires, it is easy to find Javier performing and teaching at local milongas or practicas, when he is not touring. These days it's not unusual to find international and well-respected tango instructors taking group or private lessons with him in Canada, Europe or in Argentina.

Kara has been dancing tango since 2000 and has lived in Buenos Aires since 2001. With a background in theater and dance in Chicago, she toured professionally as a tango dancer for six years with Matias Facio, participating in international festivals in Argentina, Europe and Asia.

As a dancer, Kara moves with great presence and vitality. Hers is a subtle and communicative dance that is inspired and guided by the music, as well as the nuances of the embrace. She aims to achieve a personal tango aesthetic that clearly reflects and transmits her inner sensibility. When she is not touring abroad, she often teaches and performs in different venues around

Buenos Aires.
Watch a video of Javier & Kara:

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