Javier Antar & Kara Wenham NYC Tango Workshops 4-21/22


• 3:00-4:15: Ganchos for Leaders & Followers: solid structure & technique applied to the music - INT/ADV

• 4:30-6:00: Enrosques & Planeos for Leaders & Followers - ADV

***Location: 520 8th Avenue, Studio 16-J***


• 3:00-4:15: Boleos: Unexpected positions and uncommon rhythmic structures - INT

• 4:30-6:00: Giros in all the rhythmic possibilities - INT/ADV

***Location: 520 8th Avenue, Studio 16-Q***

One workshop - $35
Two workshops - $60
Three workshops - $80
Four workshops - $100

Javier and Kara are two of the creme de la creme of Buenos Aires-based dancers who, after assiduous study of traditional tango, are now, through their commitment to improvisation, innovation and excellence, bringing tango foward. As dancers, they manage to be both exceptionally musical & entirely elegant while improvising difficult, risky material.

Known around the world as teachers with exceptional presence, generosity and effectiveness, they will profoundly improve your dance while inspiring your latent creativity from any level. Don't miss the chance to study with them locally!

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