SAT 5/28: Tango Nuevo Workshops with Moti Buchboot @ Practilonga!

Dancing outside the proverbial tango box- two workshops that will open new avenues of dance exploration & understanding!


• 3:00-4:30 - Barrida & Colgada Combinations (Int/Adv)
• 4:30-6:00 - In-line Voleos, Sacadas & Change of Frame (Int/Adv)

Location: 939 8th Avenue #200, cross-street West 55th

One workshop $35
Two workshops $60


Moti Buchboot has been involved in the visual arts for more then twenty years. As a professional dancer of Argentine tango, Moti has drawn on his dance experience and his extensive background in movement-based arts to create dynamic and compelling stage and film productions. Souldance, his first widely-produced short film, was inspired by Moti’s experiences with Argentine tango, his study of which began over a decade.

Moti has appeared in numerous venues across Los Angeles including The Ford Amphitheater, Alex Theatre, and the J. Paul Getty Museum, as well as abroad in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. He began producing music and theatre dance shows in 2004 and in 2006 he began creating Argentine tango music videos. He has also been involved in producing, directing and presenting his own line of Argentine tango instructional DVDs, which are scheduled for release in early 2010. In addition, Moti has spent several years as a photographer in the Argentine tango dance clubs of Los Angeles, capturing the connection that develops between dancers. A collection of his photography from this artistic exploration is being scheduled for exhibition.

Moti currently choreographs, performs, and teaches in Los Angeles.

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  1. Tango music comes from a mixture of cultural influences including Africa, India, France, Spain, and Latin America. Modern Tango music comes in two distinct flavors: The melodic Argentinian style, and the rhythmical European style. At the heart of the Argentinian style is the bandoneon, which is often accompanied by a small band, including a piano, guitar, one or two violins, and sometimes a singer. True Argentine Tango music never has a heavy drum beat, if drums are used at all. The European style, in contrast, is a strong march with a steady, consistent downbeat played by a snare drum. The music is often played by a large orchestra with or without the bandoneon. I´m currently staying in an apartment for rent in buenos aires and I´m trying to learn it, but I think it will take me some time!