THIS SAT 4/9: Cristian Correa & Manuela Rossi Vals & Tango Workshops at Practilonga-939!

This Saturday Cristian Correa and Manuela Rossi from Buenos Aires present two workshops for Intermediate through Advanced level tango students:

• 3:00-4:30: Vals Turns
• 4:30-6:00: Ganchos
LOCATION: 939 8th Avenue, Studio 200 (buzz 200)
COST: $30x1 or $60 for both


Cristian Correa is originally from Cordova, Argentina. He began to dance tango at the age of 18, following years of study of Argentinean folklore. At the age of 23, he moved to Buenos Aires, the capital of tango, to follow his dream of being a professional and to travel the world.

Manuela Rossi was born in Buenos Aires, and, at the age of 11, began her training as a classical dancer. She is a graduate of Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón. In 2006 she won a UNESCO scholarship to study classical and contemporary dance in France, where she lived for two years. At the age of 19, she returned to Buenos Aires and recognized that she
wanted to pursue tango as an artist.

Cristian and Manuela met at the end of 2007 in Buenos Aires, and by April of 2008, they were performing together in the most popular milongas in Buenos Aires. In November, 2008, they were contracted to dance in the show “Tango Porteño,” produced by the creators of "La Esquina de Carlos Gardel." In February of 2009, they toured Germany and Austria with the company “Tanguera.”

In August of 2009, they registered for the VII Campeonato Mundial de Tango, competing with participants from all over the world. They won second place in the category "Tango Escenario," and were also crowned the Runners-up of the Year. In November 2009, they were contracted to perform as the lead pair in the show “Tango Buenos Aires” on board Royal Caribbean International cruise ships, for the 2009 - 2010 season.

In May and June of 2010, they traveled to Shanghai, China, to represent Argentina in the International Exhibition Shanghai 2010, where they offered daily presentations of tango in the Argentine pavilion. In August of 2010, they once again participated in the Campeonato Mundial de Tango, and again were crowned as Runners-up of the Year.

Currently, they continue to dance in "Tango Porteño," and to perform and teach tango in cities around the world.

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