SAT, OCT 23: "Naughty Tango" Workshops w/Mila Vigdorova & Daniel Tuero @ Práctilonga!

3:00-4:30PM - Naughty Following: ways to play with the leader, change the lead and timing (so that he enjoys it :) [All Level]

• helps to improve technique and bring the connection in the couple to a higher level.

4:30-6:00PM - Slinky Circular Moves: combinations of calisitas/planeos, giros & boleos [Int/Adv]

• for leaders: open new ways to improvise, understand the underline principle of complicated movements, be able to analyze and deconstruct movements
• for followers: improve spiral turning, be more fluid and clear, have organic boleos



939 8th Avenue, Studio 200


• 1 workshop = $35
• 2 workshops = $60

Mila Vigdorova
. . . has been a classic, folk and jazz dancer since she was 5 years old. She discovered tango in 2000 and since then has hardly gone a day without it. In 2003 she opened a successful tango school in Moscow, teaching, organizing workshops with Argentine maestros, and staging tango shows.

Daniel Tuero
. . . belongs to the new generation of Argentine tango dancers and teachers who understands the tango dance from a different point of view. Natural and comfortable movements are essential to enjoy the dance and to feel the connection with the partner and the music. The technique and mechanic are important to dance but also the interpretation.

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