Tango Play (in two acts)
Exploring technique, mechanics and musicality through games, theater dynamics and exercises

3-4:25PM - Act I: Preparation - building the "character" and first "conflicts" (technique and mechanics)
Intermediate through Advanced level

4:35-6PM - Act II: Developing the character and resolving the conflicts (mechanics and musicality)
Intermediate through Advanced level

Cost: $35 for 1 workshop, or $60 for both

Location: 939 8th Avenue, Studio 200 (buzz 200)

Video preview:

Luiza Paes, Brazilian-born, music student since age six, worked in musical education and vocal technique for many years. Her very first tango experience was in 1997 in Portland, Oregon where she took a group class with Clay Nelson and was immediately struck by the music and fascinated by the idea of the connection in the couple. Back in Brazil, Luiza met Norberto "Pulpo" Esbrez who became her teacher and then partner for nearly 10 years. Luiza and "Pulpo" traveled the world teaching and performing: Russia, Japan, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Denmark, United States, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, and Brazil. They taught at numerous tango festivals including CITA in Buenos Aires, Portland, Las Vegas, Boston, Amsterdam, Tango del Norte in Denmark

Luiza is a fun, caring and articulate instructor and teaches technique emphasizing the leader's and follower's roles, improvisation and the ability of adapting. She is very successful in generating a relaxed and humorous environment for the students to enjoy and take the most out of their learning process. Since February 2008 she started teaching and traveling on her own and with different partners (Tango Masquerade, Tango de los Muertos, Portland TangoFest, Houston Tango Festival).Her focus has been teaching musicality along with a technique that opens up possibilities for creativity in the dance.

Julio is of the new breed of tanguero from Buenos Aires. An extraordinary, in-demand stage performer, known for his elegant, sultry moves and smoldering theatricality, he is an excellent and caring teacher of creative, social dancing, emphasizing connection, musicality, embrace and rhythmic improvisation. He adapts guardia vieja (old guard) moves to 21st Century dance floors with originality, sensitivity and humor. Julio is also a trained actor, having obtained a degree in theater from the University National Institute of Arts.

As a tango dancer he has studied with such notable teachers as Ricardo Barrios, Carlos Rivarola, Claudia Bozzo, and Mingo Pugliese, among others. He teaches regularly and hosts his own milonga "Gardel of Medellín" in the famous tango neighborhood of Parque Patricios, which has become one of the most popular milongas in Buenos Aires. His elegance, musicality, and dramatic sensibility has propelled him to become a sought-after performer in the major tango shows in BsAs. He was also featured in the Tango Ballet of the University of Moron (2004 -2007), along with many theatrical shows in Argentina and the U.S. Julio has appeared in films, and coordinates popular tango events and festivals in Buenos Aires.

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