SUNDAY, JUNE 13: Claudio Villagra & Romina Levin Workshops at Práctilonga!


• 3:15-4:30PM: Transfer of Weight-Focus on balance and liberation of the free leg
• 4:45-6:00PM: Complex sequences usingrotation to create changes in rhythm and dynamic

COST: $35 for 1 workshop, $60 for both
LOCATION: 939 8th Avenue, Studio 4A

Claudio Villagra:
... took his first dance steps at an early age, and studied with some of the most renowned old generation Tango masters throughout his youth.

After dancing in various tango shows in Buenos Aires, Claudio began his international career, dancing in Broadway shows as well as major dance-theater productions in Paris and Mexico City. He has worked with Tango orchestras including Osvaldo Pugliese, Mariano Mores, Sexteto Sur, El Arranque, and Sexteto Mayor, among others.

Cast credits include Tango Seduction, Tango Argentino, and Forever Tango, with partners including Silvia Toscano, Mora Godoy, Leticia Falliacara, Karina Piazza, Natalia Hills, and Guillermina Quiroga.

Romina Levin:
... has an extensive background as a dancer performer and instructor. She has toured the world with renowned performance companies such as Tango X2, Forever Tango, Tango Seduction , the Miguel Angel Sotto Company, and Tango With the Stars. She has also performed in the film “Homenaje” directed by Bebe Kamin.

In addition to Tango, she also teaches Classical and Contemporary dance.

Watch a video of Claudio & Romina:

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