SAT 6/19: Cyrena Drusine Women's Technique Workshops at Práctilonga-939!


• 3-4:30P: Balance, posture, connection - sensitivity to subtle leads & exercises to improve disassociation

• 4:30-6P: Embellishments -learn how to manipulate your legs and feet elegantly interpret tango and its music as a follower - speak with your legs

Cost: $35x 1 workshop or $60 for both

About Cyrena:
Cyrena Drusine began her life as a dancer and performer when she entered the School of American Ballet at the age of 8. She studied there until she was 18 during which time she performed with The New York City Ballet. She then began dancing with the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

She has performed throughout New York, at the United Nations, and in the 2008 New York City tango festival. She performed in the Boston Tango Festival in 2009, and has performed in various milongas in Buenos Aires as well as in the biggest tango house in Buenos Aires in the show Tango Porteño.

Watch a video of Cyrena:

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