Close Embrace Masters Christopher & Caroline at Práctilonga-939 Sat 2/27!

“Christopher and Caroline are one of the few tango couples that have successfully managed to keep tango traditional and at the same time evolve it. Their musicality is impeccable, their lead and follow clear and precise, their classes filled with humor, and their intentions sincere.”

—Alex Krebs, Tango Teacher and D.J.

• 3:00-4:30:
Three secrets for cross system in close embrace
• 4:30-6:00:
Multiple Dynamic Turns in close embrace

Location: 939 8th Ave, Studio 200
Cost: $35 for one, $60 for both

Known for their musicality and dynamic movement, Christopher and Caroline are two of the best-known close-embrace instructors of Argentine tango in the United States. They are specialistsin teaching pure lead and follow and clear and uncomplicated walking.

Christopher was first introduced to Argentine tango in 1993, and made numerous trips to Buenos Aires to study and learn the social traditions of the milongas there.

Caroline taught many forms of movement and danced salsa for almost a decade before being lured to the tango in 1997, and joined Christopher as his teaching partner two years later.

They have been invited to teach in more than 20 cities across the country. With strong backgrounds in yoga, pilates, and martial arts, and a multitude of athletic skills between them, these energetic instructors fill their classes with contagious humor and a relaxed atmosphere to create positive and upbeat class experiences.

Skilled yet unpretentious, Christopher and Caroline have the incisive ability to analyze movement and help improve a student's technique on even the most subtle levels. In addition, both Christopher and Caroline lead and follow, giving them further insight into the technique of and relationship between the two roles. They give their students the building blocks they need to create their own improvisational dance, using the beauty of the music and the embrace of their partner as their ultimate guide.

Sample video:

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