Turns & Adornos Workshops with Diego Benavidez & Natasha Agudelo Sat 10-25!

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  1. World-class instructors & dancers from Colombia, Diego & Natasha are founders of a tango school in Bogotá, along with annual national tango festivals & competitions.

    In this pair of workshops they will focus on traditional technique for leading & following molinetes in close and open embrace. Using this structure they will teach you to develop your own patterns for the social dance floor using sacadas, barridas & enrosque adornments.

    3-4:30PM: Turns, Barridas & Sacadas (Int)
    4:30-6PM: Enrosques & Technique for Leaders & Followers (Adv)

    $35/workshop or $60/both
    * discounts available for adv registration

    Info: 917-686-2023 | santiagosteele@gmail.com